Part 1 – What is Posture?
Posture has been a buzzword in the past and it seems that it’s coming around again. Postural control is defined
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Part 2 – Can we change our posture?
Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. If you consistently practice your tennis shots poorly then you will always be
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Physios are really just doctors to manage and prevent pain
Like doctors, physiotherapists are first contact practitioners. That means you don’t need a referral from anyone for a physio to
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How Northern Beaches volleyballers keep fit for tournaments
Beach volleyball has been around since the 1920’s, when it became a fun family pastime for Californians wanting to enjoy
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Tough Mudder is here
Tough Mudder is here – Are you prepared? In 2010, 4500 obstacle course pioneers sprinted down a mud and obstacle
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Is chronic lower back pain keeping you up at night?
Lower back pain affects approximately 4 million Australians at any one time. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain,
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How your local physiotherapist can improve your surfing
Summer is once again knocking on our door. The Northern Beaches is a mecca for lovers of all things outdoors.
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Northern Beaches Beach Volleyball
Prevent volleyball injuries on the Northern Beaches
It’s summer beach volleyball tournament season again here in God’s country, the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Which means it’s time
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Runner’s Knee (a.k.a. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome)
With the completion of the City2Surf yesterday and over 80,000 runners completing the event, there will be many a person
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New mums with wrist pain
Hi Northern Beaches Mums Community! This short video compliments the content created exclusively for The Northern Beaches Mums regarding de
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