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Runner’s Knee (a.k.a. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome)

With the completion of the City2Surf yesterday and over 80,000 runners completing the event, there will be many a person experiencing pain at the front of the knee, seemingly underneath or around the kneecap (patella bone) today. With social running on the rise (and what more natural way to get those endorphins flowing than the activity we evolved to do?), we are seeing more and more of the extremely common patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Runner’s knee, retropatellar pain syndrome and lateral facet compression syndrome are synonymous names for patellofemoral pain syndrome. What a mouthful. Let’s call it runner’s knee. It is an overuse injury due to a mismatch of forces across the kneecap and frequently presents itself either below the kneecap or on either side of the knee.

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