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“My amazing doctor recommended that I go to The Beaches Sports Physio. I am so grateful that she put me in contact with them. They went to great lengths to make sure that I understood everything that was going on, they helped relieve my pain with expert hands and gave me really easy to remember exercises for home which we put on video so I could not forget.” Rezida Nurislamova

“I know a really good physiotherapist.”

“Three days and two sessions later, I was back to my normal. Less than two months later, I’m much better than what was my normal for years, my range of motion improved, all the pain and fear of doing more challenging stuff are gone... Now, I can also say with utmost certainty, “I know a really good physiotherapist!” Evo

Did you know that the best physio's on the Northern Beaches
are less than 7kms away from Manly?

Would you drive less than 10kms to find the best physio in The Northern Beaches?

Because the Northern Beaches really isn’t that big, Google is going give you a tonne of options to choose from outside a 10km radius. We know it can be tough to sift through literally dozens of options, but narrowing your field to only the highest star rated physiotherapists is a good start. With over fifty 5 Star reviews and happy clients from Palm Beach to Manly, The Beaches Sports Physio is the best physio for hundreds of people just like you.

We know that your time is valuable but so is your body. At The Beaches Sports Physio we have seen too many patients who have either put off going to the physio at all or have put up with physiotherapy that wasn’t getting them any closer to being pain free. It’s not always better the Devil you know. We refuse to rush our patients. Expect thorough assessments and honest care from our team in our individual treatment sessions, designed 30% longer than the industry standard physiotherapy appointment to make sure everything is covered. You’ll also be shown a range of activities and exercises to perform at home to keep your treatment on the right track, not just while you’re in our office.

Don’t let a short drive 7kms up the road stop you from getting the best physio treatment. You might even like the place...

We actually really love Dee Why too, why not tick a few things off on this side of town while you’re up here? The Manly to Dee Why Beach Coastal Walk is 7 kilometres in total, with plenty of places you can take a picnic, have a swim or stop at a cafe or restaurant along the way. It’s a little bit quieter than big brother beach Manly, but also hosts first class sporting events such as the Beachley Classic, Sun Run, Ocean Thunder and many more.

How do I find the best physio on the Northern Beaches?

This should be the number one question on the lips of someone in musculoskeletal pain. But who is capable of answering such a loaded question? Let’s face it; most of us use Google to find these things out nowadays, even though your GP and friends and family can also be a great source of value too. Whether you’ve suffered an injury playing sports, struggling with chronic pain or osteoarthritis you should be seeking the best immediate and ongoing care from a physio who works with you to fix your pain and keep it at bay.

Check that the physiotherapist is listed on the APA website. Not checking to see whether a physiotherapist is registered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association is like playing Russian roulette with your musculoskeletal system. If they aren’t registered on there, you might as well go and see Doctor Nick from the Simpsons.

Mother Nature has definitely been kind to us here on the Northern Beaches. That beautiful curving coastline and ripper beaches from Manly to Palm Beach, mixed with long and warm days makes the Northern Beaches an absolute paradise to live in and keep active outdoors all year round.

Because the Northern Beaches is home to so many outdoor sporty types with their Beach Volleyball, AFL, Surf Lifesaving, surfing, cycling, swimming and running, it also means it’s a busy place to be a practicing physio. All that activity unfortunately leads to more musculoskeletal injuries like ankle, knee and shoulder strains, hamstring, calf and quadriceps injuries, tendon injuries and bony overuse injuries like shin splints or stress fractures. With years of sporting experience, sports specific injury expertise and one of the few New South Wales based Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists just 7kms from Manly, we’ve pretty much seen and successfully treated any injury or chronic pain you can think of.


What does the Beaches Sports Physio specialise in?

Physiotherapists cover a huge range of areas of practice and not all physios are experts in the type of pain or condition you are suffering from. You wouldn’t go to a podiatrist to get an eye test, so why visit a physio who doesn’t specialise in the area of pain you are experiencing? For example, when it comes to musculoskeletal physiotherapy, did you know that only 5% of practicing physiotherapists attain the rank of “Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist”? For issues like Back and neck pain, nerve pain (especially sciatica, carpal tunnel), Chronic injuries, Arthritis/osteoarthritis and other aging related pain, postural dysfunctions including scoliosis, kyphosis (hunched back) and flat feet don’t sell yourself short by visiting a physio not ranked in that top 5%.


• Sports specific knowledge

Seeing a physio with intimate knowledge of not only sport biomechanics, but how the game is played and the nuances of what’s required physically can sometimes be the difference between optimal recovery in the shortest possible time frame. Whether swimming (Damien was a stroke correction coach), water polo, volleyball, Australian Rules football, soccer, golf, tennis, motocross, running, taekwondo, cricket or ballet related, The Beaches Sports Physio knows exactly what you’re going through.

• Surgery Prehab and rehab

Our head physio Damien has personally had 7 operations including a full shoulder reconstruction and a hernia repair. We know that feeling of pain when you injure yourself and the pain and lack of mobility leading up to surgery. Post-surgery it can feel like it takes an eternity before your body is back to its optimal condition and having access to a state of the art gym and functional training facility is going to give you the leg up you need.

“Given that I had played a Division 1 Volleyball in the USA for 5 years, understanding that some of my injuries are from overuse and building a specific rehab programs so that not only I can recover and get back on the court but also strengthening the muscles around. Damien plays volleyball himself, so it’s so much easier to explain how some injuries have occurred and what my limitations in trainings are while doing the rehab.” Simona

How to find us with ease!

Just a quick 10 to 15 minute drive with ample free parking when you get here. We also have the Dee Why B-line bus stop just 100m down the road with busses running every 8 minutes on most days.