Who We Are

We’re an authentic, premium, results driven physiotherapy clinic and gym. We go over and above for all our people, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a modern health care clinic and rehabilitation gym with unrivalled customer service. We offer the greatest quality of healthcare in the greatest place on earth, efficiently and sustainably.

Our mission is to get you to your physical goals, whether it’s completing the Sun Run, blitzing the Cole Classic, being a weekend warrior or just being pain free. We are here for you.

What We Do

Physios: Our multifactorial approach to your examination allows us to go deep enough to not only accurately diagnose you but highlight further influencing factors of what is happening with you. This deep dive into your physical health allows us to design a bespoke rehabilitation program with short, medium and long term outcomes to ensure success. This is followed up in each session up by extended one on one time with your physical health expert to ensure adequate hands on therapy to achieve optimal results in the most efficient time frames.

Functional Rehab Gym: Functionality and efficiency of movement are 2 of the most important factors when it comes to physical health. We offer classes and individual sessions for pilates and functional training which allows you to strengthen and tone your body in the safest way possible. All of our equipment is sustainable and at the top of it’s class, such as our Assault AirRunner which was just used at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Pacific Regional Games. Drop in to say hi and check it all out.


Why Us?

Bespoke service

You will achieve your individual and specific health outcomes through; deep diving into your physical health, understanding the factors contributing to your pain and having a bespoke rehab program tailored for you.

Individual Appointments

Your time is valuable. We refuse to rush you. Expect thorough assessments and honest care from our team in our individual treatment sessions, designed 30% longer than the industry standard physiotherapy appointment.

Expert Team

Our physios are within the top 5% of Australian physios - named Titled Physiotherapists. Titled physios have completed an extra degree and are leaders in the fields of assessment, diagnosis, explanation and hands on treatment.


Our Promise

  • Highly skilled, experienced and passionate physiotherapists
  • Individual appointments and bespoke rehabilitation programs
  • The latest cutting-edge science and evidence-based treatment
  • Thorough explanations, education, reassurance and guidance
  • Enclosed treatment rooms for privacy and confidentiality
  • Expert hands on therapy (No electrotherapy machines!)
  • No stale medical vibes
  • After hours appointments and weekend accessibility
  • On time appointments, every time
  • Encouragement that whatever your situation, it can always improve

Our Team

Damien Glover

With expert understanding in anatomy and human biomechanics Damien assesses and treats every patient in a holistic fashion. Damien graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at The University of Sydney with distinction before moving directly into private practice. His first few years as a sports physiotherapist were extremely rewarding, working with teams such as the UTSSU Men and Women’s Volleyball teams in the Australian Volleyball League. He continued to work with elite athletes in the clinic however was realising that even the most elite athletes often needed thorough postural and nerve assessments. With the aim of providing the highest quality of care and the latest scientific research he undertook a postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and subsequently a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through La Trobe University.


As a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Damien adheres to the stringent criteria of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia group. He remains a member of the Sports Physiotherapy Australia group and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. He has also studied progressive human biomechanics and is a Certified Level 1 Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner. Damien values hands on treatment including dry needling (a similar approach to acupuncture) to evoke change and alleviate pain.

Damien has extensive knowledge of biomechanics in swimming (was a stroke correction coach in a previous life), waterpolo, volleyball, Australian Rules football, soccer, golf, tennis, motorcross, running, taekwondo, cricket and ballet. Outside of nerding out in his career, Damien enjoys travelling, reading, shamelessly supporting the GWS Giants and tries his hand at volleyball, swimming, rock climbing and golf.

Professional Development Courses

  • Functional Patterns Human Foundations Level 1 Practitioner
  • Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System
  • Treatment of the Pelvis and Lumbar Spine
  • Retraining Lumbo-Pelvic Stability
  • Certificate of Myofascial Pain Management – Dry Needling
  • Spinal Physiotherapy Level 1
  • Spinal Physiotherapy Level 2
  • Lyn Watson Shoulder Level 1
  • Sports Physiotherapy Level 1
  • Sports Physiotherapy Level 2

Jordan Mikaelian

Having graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Health Science with Masters in Physiotherapy, Jordan has pursued his interest in private practice and sports physiotherapy with passion and dedication to his patients needs above all others. Jordan has shared his knowledge and expertise with high level Rugby League teams including the Guilford Owls, Wentworthville Magpies and Parramatta Eels have fostered his passion for evidence-based treatment protocols which he implements with each person individually to achieve their desired goal in the same way that elite athletes achieve them; as quickly and as safely as possible!

Jordan is an enthusiastic athlete, having competed in a variety of sports including swimming, soccer and oz tag. These experiences have developed a personal understanding of rehabilitation to prevent injury and maximise performance. Jordan has continued to develop his skills in the field, completing courses in Sports Physiotherapy and is a current member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.


Jordan’s belief in the importance of active living is reflected in his desire to return his patients to their peak physical condition. His focus on long-term solutions and patient education develops lasting results beyond the rehabilitation period. This approach ensures that each person becomes self-empowered to overcome their injuries and helps to achieve their lifestyle goals, whether that be climbing Kilimanjaro with their spouse, defeating the opposite at Rat Park or simply being able to enjoy walks on the beach.

Jordan is constantly developing himself to be the best Sports Physio that he can be and is currently working towards becoming a Titled Sports Physiotherapist.

Professional Development Courses

  • APA Sports Level 1
  • CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Techniques
  • Essential Knee
  • Essential Foot and Ankle